Conference Comments

My Dear KP Singh,  I write to congratulate you for your self- motivated and dynamic  efforts you have  done, in collaboration with other  Colleagues,   to organise the International  Conference  on the  topic  “ Contents to Connectivity – Paradigm Shift In Knowledge Innovation , Information Representation , Information Management Systems  and Librarianship  April 11- 12,   2014”  in collaboration with Tecnia Institute of Advance Studies  and  Satija  Research Foundation for Library and Information Science,  and  bringing out printed version of papers submitted to the conference at the time of conference.  It is nice of you to take help of five other young professionals in the endeavour. The papers submitted to the conference, by and large, and particularly, by young librarians were of   high standard.  I am particularly impressed by the choice of selection committee, of   two well deserving young librarians; namely -Mr.  Akhtar Parwaz and Dr. Sanjay Mishra; for  giving award on behalf of  Satija Research Foundation for Library and Information Science. Both were my students, long back, and found them at that time humble and hardworking students. Dr. Sanjay Mishra‘s contribution   of   high standard, in other relating disciplines, is highly appreciable. I am sure you will keep up and contribute to profession in future.
—Prof. MM Kashyap, University of Delhi

Dear Dr. Singh, Thanks for honoring, inviting, kind hospitality and love and affection bestowed on me, during your international conference. You have shown your dynamism, hardworking nature, enterprising and leadership qualities in the conference. You deserve all the appreciation. Accept my hearty congratulations for the same. With regards.

– Prof. SL Sangam.


Dear Singh Sahab,I must salute your sincerity in running your organisation. These small small gestures are the things which takes organisations to newer heights. For me, it was a great moment when I was on the stage receiving the award.

When I saw the mention of my name by one of my favourite teachers, I got more humble and very emotional. For me, this is my second award which will always have an important place in my heart. I am really touched by the mention of my name by Professor Kashyap. One day when Professor Kashyap was teaching, I was not paying attention and was playing some game with one of my friends. He got annoyed and left the class and stopped coming to Jamia. Professor Shahabuddin Ansari called me and scolded me a lot and asked me to go to his house in DU and apologise. Me and my friend had no option and went to Prof. Kashyap’s house by the first bus which used to start from Jamia (around 6 a.m.) in those days. When we reached, both of us apologised to him for our misconduct in the class. We were surprised to know that he did not remember anything about the incident. In fact, he was pretending to act as if he has forgotten everything. This is a sign of a great teacher. From that day onward, he resumed teaching at Jamia.
If you get a chance. please convey my regards to him. Thank you once again for the prestigious Award.
–Dr. Akhtar Parvez, IIM Indore
Dear Dr. KP Singh, Congratulations once again for the wonderful event. and Congratulations for the very successful completion of the event.–Dr. Nabi Hasan, IITD   nabihasan
Thanks for all the hospitality extended to me during my visit to Tecnia institute to deliver my Keynote Address on the International Conference, yesterday.–Prof. M Moni, Ex DG, NIC  mmoni

Dear Dr. Singh Please accept my heartiest congratulations for the wonderfully organizing the SRFLIS summit 2014. It was indeed a pleasure to  be a part of such a mega event planned and executed so methodically as  not to  leave anything to chance and sourcing  together such a galaxy of experts at a single platform. Let me say that this is one of the most promising   beginning for any startup organisation in recent years. It speaks volumes  for  your leadership and organizational skills Congratulations once again and  my best wishes for coming days.

–Dr. Tariq Ashrf, Librarian, DULS

Dr. Singh, Let me congratulate you for holding the International Conference with a grand success.  It was a pleasure to attend such a well-organized conference.--Dr. Ravinder Kumar Sharma, Chief, UNIC  rks
Dear u are the best, keep it up, my wishes and ashriwad always with you……… and Congrats for your grand success– Dr. RK Bhatt  rkbutt copy

It has been an excellent international conference on Content to Connectivity at Tecnia Institute of Advanced Studies. This type of conferences should be organized regularly to share the experiences and learn the new advances in the field of the library science. Delegates and resource persons were well informed about the current trends in the content development and how to connect those content to the ultimate users of the content. I congratulate the entire team specially the leader Dr K P Singh. I also thank you personally to invite me to present my view in the conference.

– Dr. Narendra Kumar, IIT Delhi


Good Morning Sir g! Hope you would be fine at your end. I would like to thank you so much for all you did to make the Conference knowledgeable, informative and worthwhile. The Conference has provided me unique platform to present our study. Everything in the Conference was up to the mark (invited talks, lectures, food, venue of the conference, etc). I am also thankful to your team especially Malkit and Harish for their warm hospitality and affection shown to me. Thanks again for the great work.

– Dr. Sukdev Singh, GNDU, Amritsar.


Dear Sir, Many congratulation to organize a very successful International Conference at Tecnia Institute of Advanced Studies, New Delhi, on 11-12 April 2014 in such a professional way. You have done a great job for the profession. The Conference was very informative and interactive. The speakers you selected was very good and participants appreciated the Conference very much.  Please convey my special thanks to all supportive team who supported and spared their valuable time for this Conference. Dr. Ajay K Rathore and Anil Kumar Jharotia, and all other persons also who helped and supported this mega event. There was a very good participants including Faculty, Library Professionals and students and was very much benefited from this conference. Local hospitality was very good and was excellent. Please send me the photo’s and media coverage of the conference if possible. CONGRATULATIONS once again.

–Dr. MP Singh, BBAU, Lucknow


Dear  Dr. KP Singh, Many thanks for your kind greetings and photographs.  I once again convey my sincere thanks to you and Prof. Satija for  kind honour bestowed upon me.  It was a well organised conference and award function.  I must congratulate you and your team on the grand success of the conference.

–Dr. Ramesh C Gaur, JNU


Dear Dr. Singh, Congratulations to organize such a great conference. All the speakers were excellent. Theme of the conference was very good. Venue and hospitality was very good. I got a chance to meet many of my old and new professional friends.  Congratulations once again.

–Dr. PK Jain, IEG


I sincerely congratulate you on the success of the International Conference Tecnia SRFLISINDIA Summit -2014, which was well-organized, well-balanced, and had a very topical agenda. The speakers were all highly respected professionals, and the debate was dynamic. I believe that this opinion is shared by most of the participants. I wish you and your team further achievements, and hope for continued cooperation.

–Dr. Durga Prasad, SGIT

Dr. Singh, it was a well organized and excellent conference. Thanks for making me a part of it . Heartily congratulations for all your endeviours. Thanks.–Rajesh Singh, DULS  rajesh
Looking forward for future interaction.–Prof. K. Kannan  kkannan
Congratulations and thank u for your hard work in making it very successful events.  Regard.–Prof.  MP Satija  satija
Congrats. U made good effort.– Prof. (Mrs) SP Singh  spsingh
Thank  you very much sir, I have learned a lot during the conference, with kind regards.–Dr. Bebi   beby