Patron: Any person who donates to the Research Foundation a sum of Rs. 20000.00 (Rs. Twenty Thousand) may be made as a patron of the Research Foundation. The Research Foundation may also invite any eminent person to be its Patron.

Donor: Any person who donates Rs. 10000.00 (Rs. Ten Thousand) or more may be admitted as a Donor Member of the Research Foundation.

Honorary: The Research Foundation may invite any prominent person to be its honorary member.

Life: Any person who have a qualified degree (i.e., Bachelor in Library and Information Science and above) can become a life member on payment of a subscription of Rs. 2500.00 (Rs. Twenty Five Hundred).

Institution: Any type of libraries may be enrolled as an Institution member on payment of Rs. 3000.00 (Rs. Three Thousand Only) per annum.

Ordinary: Any person who has a qualified degree (as in case of Life Member) can become an ordinary member on payment of Rs. 500.00 (Rs. Five Hundred) for One Year

Student: Any person studying in a recognized School of Library Science for Certificate, Diploma or degree may be admitted as a student member on payment of the subscription as applicable to Ordinary Member

Note: Any person intending to become a member shall apply in the prescribed form and admission shall be subject to the approval by the President or Executive Council.